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Morocco Cultural Trip Open to the Public: October 11-20 2024

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MESALI Language Institute

MESALI Language Institute language classes and courses in DC

DC Internationals is proud to announce the MESALI Language Institute.   Feel free to navigate the website and browse the many foreign language courses being offered this semester and contact us with any questions you may have.

DC Internationals MESALI aims to foster enriched understanding of foreign cultures, perspectives and experiences through professional foreign language courses and training with its MESALI Language Institute. DC Internationals has structured Graduate School, university level, and high school leadership college preparatory programs, to develop professional language skills, through its Adjunct Professors and faculty trained in U.S. federal government Inter Language Roundtable (ILR) standards. Our Adjunct Professors and faculty prepare students and professionals for careers in foreign relations, cultural exchanges , international development, and the private sector. State Department, USAID, and private sector professionals  have all provided career development lectures for the benefit of MESALI students’ futures. We are currently enrolling and have a limited number of scholarships available. 

DC Internationals MESALI offers educational and cultural tours of Morocco. Our Morocco and Washington, DC based staff accompany travelers on nine day tours that include cooking classes, home family experiences, camel trecking, lectures, and an array of hand crafted surprises, differentiating ourselves from any other Morocco experience. We are now accepting enrollment and have limited space. Find out more about future Morocco trips

DC Internationals sponsors performances by U.S. and foreign performers, musicians, and comedians. Whether promoting U.S. talent abroad or bringing foreign talent to the United States, we believe experiencing cultures through music, comedy, and the arts, enriches cross-cultural understanding, and frankly is just down right fun!      MESALI was founded to address the growing need of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages in the Greater Washington DC region and is proud to offer a broad range of foreign language instruction. Students are able to enroll in any of the following courses: Persian/Dari, Pashto, Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, TOEFL, ESL, Berber, Moroccan Arabic, and French.

In addition to language courses, MESALI will be hosting Career Development Lecture Series. Lectures will feature professionals and experts in the field of international affairs; including government, development, finance, journalism, and politics. Students who are enrolled in a foreign language course at MESALI will have free entry into all Career Development Lecture Series.

To complement the lecture series, MESALI will host Middle Eastern and South Asian cultural events, including belly dance lessons, live music groups, films and more. Students who are enrolled in a foreign language course at MESALI will have free entry to most Cultural Events.

We look forward to teaching you!

MESALI classes are held at:

Contact ross@dcinternationals.com for your class location.

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