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Internships, Home Stay, and Study in Morocco!

June 6 – August 14, 2023

Have you been dreaming of going abroad and working on the ground to help local organizations make a meaningful impact? Join DC Internationals on the opportunities we have available with various organizations throughout the country.

The DC Internationals MESALI Summer Moroccan internship and study program provides daily experience interning at either a Moroccan or international organization in Rabat Morocco, the political capital. Students will have daily classes in Moroccan dialect, in order to facilitate daily living. As a pre-requisite, students must have at least one-year of either French or Modern Standard Arabic. Given Morocco is a multilingual society, French and Modern Standard Arabic will provide additional support, to the Moroccan dialect course, in daily activities, and especially in the internship. The Moroccan dialect course assumes no prior experience, and previous Modern Standard Arabic study will help but not replace the Moroccan dialect course. Contact us with any concerns regarding prior language study or request for waivers.

This eight week summer travel, language instruction and internship package includes:

  • Eight week fully furnished housing  with private bedroom, and pet peacocks in the villa yard or home stay
  • Eight week Moroccan Arabic dialect course
  • Eight week internship with Moroccan or international organization
  • Eight weeks of week day home cooked Moroccan breakfasts and dinners (Monday through Thursdays)
  • Housing cleaning services
  • Week day daily shuttle from villa to downtown
  • Insurance
  • Nine-day all inclusive tour of Morocco – additional cost. Read more about the nine-day cultural tour


Interns will either live together in DC Internationals housing or will live with host families. These arrangements are made at the discretion of DC Internationals; however, students have the right to opt out of living with a family, which should be indicated in the application. Each student gets their own bedroom.  DC Internationals housing includes beautiful fully furnished Moroccan villas and urban apartments equipped with internet. A secure wall encircles the private villas.  Inside the property are serene private front and back yard with trees, a swing, and exotic resident peacocks strutting about. A supermarket and café are located down the block. The urban apartments are surrounded by cafes, shops, the newly built tram, and taxis.

Organizations Hosting Interns

Contact ross@dcinternationals.com for the up to date list of organizations sponsoring this year’s interns. Organizations include an array of NGOs, a dance and theatre troop led by Morocco’s highest acclaimed play-write and producer, and the media. The intention is to match interns’ interests and skills, with an organization’s demand for skills and interest in particular applicants.  DC Internationals will serve as the intermediary.

Application Process

For DC Internationals’ review and the organization’s consideration, please provide the following:

  1. An updated resume
  2. Recommendation by a foreign language instructor
  3. Recommendation by a non-language faculty member,
  4. Two one-page essays. The first one-page essay, for DC Internationals review only, should discuss why you want to participate in the internship, study, and cultural program. The second one-page essay, for the organization hosting the internship, should specifically address the organizations where you want to intern. Without naming the organization in the essay, discuss your interest in their issues, what experience and skills you bring, and what you hope to get out of the internship. When discussing these skills, consider interpersonal skills, language skills, relationships, work and volunteer experiences,  research, writing and beyond.
  5. Indicate your top four organization choices in your email to DC Internationals. Although we can not guarantee placement at your top choices, we will work with you to secure an exceptional educational and meaningful experience.

Deadline April 1

Email as separate attachments -- updated resume, two essays described above,  copy of current transcript, recommendation from foreign language instructor, and a second non-language recommendation. List your top four organization choices from the list you will receive from us upon request.  Recent graduates may waive some of these requirements. Please ask for details.

To participate in the program, we recommend at least one-year of college study in Arabic or French.

Provide full payment by April 1, close of business, by check made to DC Internationals. To secure participation, we encourage applicants to provide payment sooner. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will continue until the limited number of slots are filled.

Please contact ross@dcinternationals.com for costs.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Nine day cultural trip around Morocco, beginning May 27 and finishing in Rabat June 5 (additional cost)
  • Sunday June 5 – Tuesday, June 7: Orientation in Rabat, your new beautiful Summer home on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Wednesday, June 8 – Monday, August 1: Eight week Summer Arabic study and internship program (Students may extend the 8 weeks to 10 or 12 weeks, but must register by June 26. Ask for more details.)
  • Monday, August 1: Depart Casablanca for Washington, DC Dulles airport, unless extending.

We recommend that you set aside at least $1,000 accessible by ATM, for shopping, tram and transportation, cafes etc.

Please write ross@dcinternationals.com, so we may answer any questions.