DC Internationals MESALI

Washington DC International School and Institute -- Foreign Language Classes, Morocco Cultural Trips, and Performances

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Winter/Spring: Feb. 22 - May 2 2021
Summer: Jun. 1 - Aug. 8 2021
Fall: Sep. 20 - Dec. 13 2021

Study Overseas  Without Leaving Home!! Online Courses

Understand your world better through language and career enhancement. Our professors have decades of experience directly preparing State Department Foreign Service Officers for their language exams, applying official U.S. government Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) standards. Come benefit from the best!  Also, join us on our Morocco cultural and educational tours! Scholarship opportunities: up to 60% off some classes

DC Internationals is devoted to promoting cultural exchange and championing diversity and stands firmly with our Black community during this time.  The diversity amongst DC internationals community and teachers is a cornerstone and strength of our organization; providing important and necessary perspectives not only to our organization but the DC region writ large. If at any point you have comments, questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share we encourage you to reach out at any time to the President of DC Internationals at ross@dcinternationals.com.