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Russian 4 Standard

Thursdays 6-9 PM
Academic Goals: 

Russian 4 Standard requires strong knowledge of all materials covered in MESALI Russian 1, 2 and 3 Standard and or their equivalents. Russian 4 assumes a working knowledge of the alphabet, the present and past tenses, noun-adjective phrases, a basic vocabulary and beyond. One should have a basic ability to read, write and speak basic sentences. The textbook will be determined at the first class, to allow students input. hand outs and lessons on the white boards will guide the class progress, while tailoring class to the students’ needs. Highly trained MESALI professors show resilience by assessing the most efficient teaching methods, and subsequently adjusting classroom training to the students’ progress. Please write ross@dcinternationals.com to arrange an individualized assessment and subsequent proper placement.

In addition to the material passed out at each class, there will be level-appropriate thorough classroom conversation. The students will be expected to purchase the course materials. At week five and each subsequent week, each student will make a class presentation. There will be weekly quizzes, to reflect vocabulary acquisition and grammar.

DC Internationals is proud to offer Russian 4 Standard, a 10-11 week non-credit course designed to teach Russian through immersion, practical application, and real life scenarios. The MESALI teaching method integrates systematic learning, Mnemonic devices, and the Socratic method. Active student participation and a willingness to make mistakes is encouraged and an essential part of learning at MESALI.

Times and location

The intensive class will meet for a total of 30 hours over the course of 10-11 weeks. See class schedule.


Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle and Faragut classroom locations: Contact ross@dcinternationals.com for your class location.

Academic Goals

The course will teach the Russian alphabet, grammar, dialogue and reading, with vocabulary, grammatical explanations, and exercises. Each class will begin by going over the exercises from the previous lesson, thereby reviewing that lesson before proceeding with the next one.

In addition to the material covered in the lessons, which will be passed out at each class meeting, there will be thorough classroom conversation. The students will be expected to purchase the course materials. By week five, each student will make a presentation to the class. There will be weekly quizzes, to reflect vocabulary acquisition and grammar.

While augmenting our lexicon all the while, we will be able to read, write and speak basic sentences in present, and past tenses. Handouts will facilitate all of the above mentioned. We will have a Final on the last day of class.

The course creates realistic scenarios, preparing students for actual work and common every day in-country encounters. It prepares students to work with local government authorities, small businesses, and to navigate the market place. The course will synthesize reading, writing, and speaking skills because language is a combination of each of these skills. By the end of the semester, you can expect to have basic reading, writing, and speaking skills. The course will prioritize speaking, in order to prepare students for their immediate arrival in country.