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Arabic 3 Standard

Thursdays 6:00—9:00PM.
Academic Goals: 

Arabic 3 Standard requires strong knowledge of all materials covered in MESALI Arabic 2 Standard and or its equivalent. Arabic 3 assumes a familiarity with Arabic conjugation in the past, present and future tenses, including the ability to negate in each tense. One should understand Arabic sentence structure, and vocabulary for several scenarios, including family, foods, travel and beyond. Al-Kitaab will serve only as a supplemental text, in that, hand outs and lessons on the white boards will guide the class progress, while tailoring class to the students’ needs. Highly trained MESALI professors show resilience by assessing the most efficient teaching methods, and subsequently adjusting classroom training to the students’ progress. One should not assume that Al-Kitaab chapters covered elsewhere will prepare students for the course. Please therefore write ross@dcinternationals.com to arrange an individualized assessment and subsequent proper placement.

Arabic 3 Standard will primarily focus on the awzan verb chart. It will teach how to conjugate in each wazin and the wazin’s meaning.

Lessons will strategically apply verbs learned in each new wazin, to new scenarios. One will start learning how to draft basic essays and make oral presentations.