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Urdu 2 Intensive

Tue/Wed/Thu 6:00—9:00PM
Academic Goals: 

Urdu 2 Intensive , 90 hours, requires strong knowledge of all materials covered in MESALI Urdu 1 Intensive and or its equivalent. More than any other MESALI course for this language and level, this course will seriously challenge students, and provide an impressive wide-range of significant linguistic advancement in a short amount of time. In just 10-11 weeks, students will roughly achieve more than the knowledge, skills, and aptitude developed in 1.5 to 2 semesters spent at most four year universities, at merely a fraction of the cost. Students often take MESALI Intensive and Normal courses, in order to place into higher university language classes, to place out of language requirements and or prepare for language proficiency exams. This method provides university students more time to focus on other university requirements and courses, and saves students money.

In addition to the material passed out at each class, there will be thorough classroom conversation. The students will be expected to purchase the course materials. Starting in the second class, each student will make a presentation to the class. There will be weekly quizzes, to reflect vocabulary acquisition and grammar.