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Washington DC International School and Institute -- Foreign Language Classes, Morocco Cultural Trips, and Performances

Morocco Cultural Trip Open to the Public: October 11-20 2024

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Next Session: Jan. 29 - Apr. 1 2024

Now accepting enrollment for Critical Languages Institute (online) FLAS (online), and High School program (online).

Urdu 3 120-hr

Mon-Fri 12:30—3:00 PM
Academic Goals: 

Two University Semesters in 10 Weeks. Maximum Intensive, 120 hours.

Equivalent to two semesters of in-class instruction at major four-year U.S. universities, Maximum Intensive courses compact two semesters at major universities into only 10 weeks at DC Internationals MESALI. We provide Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) typically taught in two-semesters at four-year universities. Students can apply language skills learned at DC Internationals MESALI towards their university’s language placement examinations, in order to place out of a year of language study, take higher-level language courses or have the language requirement waived altogether. While DC Internationals MESALI professionally trains and equips students with high-level practical language skills, students’ examination performance at their onward-program determines that school’s future language placement. Before enrolling, DC Internationals MESALI strongly advises students to confirm with their university regulations and advisors whether onward-programs provide examinations or processes to have the language courses waived or to place into higher-level language courses.

DC Internationals MESALI staff is certified to officially assess, place, and provide certified placements at MESALI. Our staff provides official certification for completion of MESALI course work that students may apply toward onward-programs.

DC Internationals MESALI Adjunct Professors and staff have a wealth of teaching experience abroad and in the United States, training ambitious high school and university students, U.S. government policymakers, business professionals, and NGO professionals for academic study and professional work abroad. They have an array of continually updated professional qualifications, training and certification from accredited organizations training in tester certification and examiner certification. Our staff receives training from the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI), American Councils for International Education, and the Inter-agency Language Roundtable (ILR). ILR, a Federal inter-agency organization established for the coordination and sharing of information about language-related activities at the Federal level, serves as the nationally accepted scale to measure language proficiency in a language test.