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2015 MESALI Summer Intensive Language Program, Washington DC

May 18 – July 31, 2015

Program Description

In response to the government, NGO, and private sector increased demand for professional and practical skills in languages from The Middle East and South Asia, DC Internationals MESALI Language Institute has established the MESALI Summer Intensive Language Program. MESALI offers 90 hours of intensive instruction in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Pashto, French and newly featuring Russian. View DCI MESALI's Summer Language Institute course schedule. Located in the nation’s Capital, the 90 hour program offers day and night time options, enabling students to work and or hold internships. The Intensive 90 hour course meets the language course requirements for Fulbright Scholars and Boren Fellows; 120 hours can also be arranged.

Semester Duration: Starting Monday, May 18 finishing July 31, 2014

Application Process

Applications must be emailed to ross@dcinternationals.com and postmarked no later than 11:59 PM EST May 14. Students will be informed on a rolling admissions basis or by May 16 whether they were accepted. Given competition, high-demand, and small class size, we offer a rolling admissions policy. We urge applicants to apply early to secure admission. The 60 hour normal course only requires payment and a filled out application, NOT document submission.

Documents Required Electronically for 90 hour Intensive courses by May 14 11:59 PM EST

  1. One page Statement of purpose

  2. Scanned Photocopy of most recent undergraduate or graduate school transcript

How to Pay

To secure enrollment, make out a check or money order to DC Internationals for $2,300 or $1,500 tuition, for the 90 and 60 hour courses respectively. Send tuition to:

DC Internationals, P.O. Box 21065, Washington DC 20009

Applications are considered incomplete and MESALI will NOT review applications until full tuition is received. There is a $50 check application fee, which will be included in the tuition if accepted to the 90 and 60 hour program. Include a separate $60 check made to DC Internationals, for required course materials. The 90 hour intensive costs $2,360 and the normal 60 hour costs $1,610. Applicants not accepted due to class size will be refunded the tuition less the application fee.